Who Are You?

My name is Baruch-Adi Hen, for years I’ve been programming everything from mobile apps and games to websites and software. For some odd reason, I thought that if I’d create something, it would suddenly generate its own traction and become viral. I never saw the reason to publish articles and worry about marketing.

But now, in the year 2019, it’s time to make a change and mark the start of a new beginning.

What do You do?

I am a software engineer currently previously employed at Supply.com. I work with React and React-Native mainly nowadays, but I’m no stranger to backend and deployment. I used to develop games in the past and even worked on my own game engine implementation in Java (oh, how naive that was…).

I will be starting as a Rotational Engineer at Facebook at the end of May!

Why Make This Site

I am making this site to share my views and creations with the rest of the world since I’ve found out the hard way that posting a random site/app/other will not mean it will reach the audience you wanted it to affect.